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Electronic Distance Measuring Device

This innovative and patented Electronic Distance Measuring Device can do what no other device can do: It can measure the distance between two arbitrary remote points with one press of a button! (Points are away from the user).

This invention can be used for other various functions, including determining angles, areas, height, distance to a remote point, volumes etc. The invention may be used in the construction trade, housing and building inspection, gardening, handy man applications and more... Great product for catalogs and hardware stores.

Measuring devices that already exist in the market can measure the distance from the user, (who holds the device), to a remote point. Some smarter devices can measure the distance between two remote points, only when user takes 3 measurements and is required to aim the measuring beam at a vertical position (90 degrees) toward the target. For most of the cases it is impossible for the user to position him/her self as required, (because of height or placement/positioning limitations). In addition it is almost impossible for the user to aim the measuring beam at exact 90 degrees, which results in an inaccurate measurement.

With the present new invention, there are no such limitations. The method applied is not based mainly on the Pythagoras function, but instead, a combination of state of the art electronic circuitry and a different mathematical function. This innovative combination provides, in a faster and more user friendly way, the most accurate results.

Here is how it works: User adjusts the visible red line (created by the device’s laser beam), until the two edges of the red line reach the two remote points. At that moment, user presses the button and the distance between the two remote points is displayed on the device!

Here are few demonstrations to illustrate the invention:

Measuring the width of the chimney:


Measuring the distance between two poles:

measure pole distance

Measuring the width of a window:

Measure width

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