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Novelens Contact Lens Case

Novelens Case Separates Your Contact Lenses from Dirty Deposits. The revolutionary new Novelens case featured a patented Dual Chamber design that drains deposits away from your lenses.

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novelens systemAs you replenish the Novelens contact lens case with fresh solution, it swirls the lens creating a Hydro-Action process and drains the spent solution to a secondary separation chamber with limited return path. Then it fills the upper chamber with fresh solution for overnight storage. When chambers are full replace the cap to seal. Your lenses now stored in fresh solution ready for next day wear, providing you fresh lens comfort, clarity, and extended wear time, every day.
The lens is held above the deposits all night, so it won't be re-contaminated by them. The next morning, you just discard the spent cleaning solution. The case is designed to be used with all soft contact lenses and with any of the multi-purpose solutions.

Good lens care practice: All contact lens solutions are performing well, some solutions are more involved than others, and the new popular No Rub Solution had simplified the process even more.
However, read the solution's label; what it says is that you need to rinse each side of the lens for good five seconds; while holding your lens somehow on your finger or in the palm of your hand. It is difficult to do. Needless to say how difficult it is to manipulate a soft contact lens to stay in its correct position, and needless to say that your fingers or the palm of the hand are far more contaminated than the contact lens you are attempting to clean.
For these reasons we developed this new Novelens contact lens case. It is built with two chambers, one above the other with a patented special connecting drainage tube. The top chamber mimics the traditional storage case, but as you replenish the fresh solution it rinses the lens from both sides and drains the spent solution to the lower contaminants collecting chamber.
It is as if you imitate rinsing your contact lens as directed on the contact lens solution label.
The spent solution is now separated from the cleaned contact lens, the upper case is cleaner, and your lenses are now conditioned in fresh solution ready for next day wear

Novelens believes its new product will become the contact lens case of choice. It's available online or from eye care practitioners.

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