Multiple Spatial Chess

The product refers to a new method of playing chess (a new variant) and not to a new model of pieces. Still, a new design for pieces had been created, because a new product has to be original as well. Have you ever asked yourself whether this amazing play, which is chess, has any evolution?

Today, after many years, the game of chess is unchanged, and only the pieces suffered an evolution related to their shapes. The time has come to make the play of chess more interesting for children and teenagers and for adults as well. This innovation presents a new way (in 4 variants) to play chess, a three-dimensional way.

The prototype is ready, we can move on to physical series production and the variant soft for computers can be created after this model. The new rules bring up feelings of freshness and stimulation, when players use this unusual type of chess. Why?

Because it is about 20 times too powerful than the classical variant.

What does this mean?

Lets consider 2 players of same value at the play of chess. Imagine a player who uses just the type of spatial chess for 20 Games, separately, with a third partner of training (playing each of the 4variants, sums up 80 spatial games). Imagine now the other player who trains himself with a fourth one using 80 games of classical chess. These trainings take place separately, in secret, in different locations, none of the combatants knowing how the other trains. After that the great confrontation comes. Get together the two players and make them play a few games of classical chess. You will see that the player that used "Multiple Spatial Chess" for training is more intelligent and will win, because he activated (opened) the new nerve centers, stimulated by this amazing spatial chess.

The new game has 4 main variants and a total of 8 possibilities of use (if we count the sub-variants too) in a compact product, thus it is an "8 in 1" play. Two, three or four players can play this game simultaneously. The product can be assembled and de-assembled easily in case of trips (for holidays, for example).

The rules are very simple, unique and easy to use.

It can be produced in the physical variant (more recommended than the soft one) and in the electronic one (soft) as well.

Applications of the new powerful MULTIPLE SPATIAL CHESS :

The following list shows in which sectors of activity can be applied the new product. The information below is meant for giving an image of how many possibilities there are to commercialize it.

  • Intelligence increasing (applications in schools, colleges, universities, military centers, detectives training centers, police centers, specially training units for high intelligence).
  • Entertainment, relaxing (at homes, in parks, trips, vacancies places, hotels, reeducating schools, prisons, shelters for great age persons, clubs).
  • Imagination and memory improving.
  • At chess clubs and associations, for study, relaxing and contests.
  • Possible applications in medical sector (for curing particular brain affections, for treating the anxiety, the depression and another psychologically problems).
  • Inter human communication (in order to make new friends, to know other people, to socialize).
  • On internet, for playing online (after the computer variant will be finalized).
  • In companies which have relaxation offers for their employees to eliminate the working stress.
  • In kindergartens, for developing a health (strong) thinking, a good imagination, memory and distributive attention at the small children between 4-8 years of age.
  • In top intelligence domains (why not, in the spying and against spying, and of course, not in the last turn, at NASA for research and testing the astronauts' intelligence, memory, imagination, improvisation capacity, adaptability, and especially for testing the patience, distributive attention and anticipation of the events).


The Multiple Spatial Chess is a powerful instrument for research, testing, improving, and creating the most valuable feature of the human being: The INTELLIGENCE.

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