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Puncture wound bandage

United States Patent # 7,012,170

The Bad practice of applying an un-sterile bandage onto a needle pucture or an open wound goes on every day in hospitals, laboratories , schools, military, etc. Leaving gauze pads unsealed and exposed to air until they are ready to be used increases the possibility of transmitting infections or disease. Sterility cannot be stressed enough in the medical field. Large bandages of the same design for bullet, stab, shrapnel wounds are further bound.

Advancements in bandages for treating puncture wounds shown and described herein include sealed bandage with flexible adhesive strips disposed on more rigid carriers with at least one separation line. Bending the sealed bandages separates the carrier along the path of the separation line(s) to thereby pull the strip away from the carrier in the vicinity of the separation line such that at least a portion of the carrier may be pulled from the strip and the bandage applied to a patient.

Rapid two step Sterile Bandage:

Very thick sterile gauze in sealed container minimizes infection. Simply peel sterile bandage from plastic carrier strip and apply to wound.

examples, Blood Donors, blood labs, hospitals, Field Emergencies, Battle Field,.  Very Thick Sterile Gauge in sealed Container.  Minimizes Infection.  Simply Peel Sterile. bandaged from plastic carrier strip

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