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Bottlelink® is a Limited Liability Corporation developed in San Diego, California in 2007.

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Bottlelink® was originally patented under a provisional patent during its first year of sales to determine whether it was a viable, needed product that would benefit from a design and utility patent. After nearly a year of sales, a design and utility patent were pursued by Bottlelink® LLC.

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Bottlelink® , the product, provides a means for preventing objects from being dropped or thrown by a person either accidentally or intentionally. The primary targeted object is a baby’s bottle or sippy cup; but Bottlelink® can secure other items such as toys as well.
It easily connects to high chairs, car seats, strollers or wagons.
It was recently featured in a Favorite Baby Gear section of Parents Magazine and on

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Bottlelink® is a device for securing an object to limit the movement thereof. A first feature of Bottlelink® is a gripping means or device to connect and securely hold a baby bottle or sippy cup.
The gripping means is preferably a silicone/elastic band. This is easily attached to a second feature being a linking chain having a plurality of links, preferably being similarly shaped, providing means for allowing movement of the object by a person within a limited distance from the person.

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The linking chain is connected to the gripping means for re movably connecting and securely holding the object of concern. A third feature is an anchor securing link or anchor link for providing means for removably connecting said device to an anchor object. The anchor link prevents the baby from disconnecting the object from the anchor object, and further due to the length of the linking chain prevents the object from contacting a floor, or other clean surface when either intentionally or accidentally dropped or thrown.

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