Brush Guard

How do you store your brushes?

That is the question.

This new creation is the answer…

This item relates to a cover designed to have brushes, either flat paint-like brushes or rounded facial brushes enter a flexible molded chamber in which said brush would be free of impurities and the like. The covers are adapted to accept brushes from a top cross cut flexible opening, which gives way for said brush and automatically seals upon traversing of the brush into the chamber. The cover promotes optimal placement of the brush bristles when inserted into cover. To remove brush from cover, the brush is then pulled through a similar opening at the lower end of the cover thus again preventing fraying of bristles.


The utility of this invention encompasses two primary common uses: PAINTBRUSHES, and COSMETIC BRUSHES.

Below is a rendering of the proposed packaging for the PAINTBRUSH covers.

package for paint brush guards

And the COSMETIC BRUSH covers.

Packaging for cosmetic brush guards

With the help of product development firm, Deviat, the original concept became real upon engineering models using CAD software.


We’ve actually tooled up for this item and are mere weeks away from production readiness.

Personal events have led to a change in direction for this promising product. And now we make it available for License.

The sought License would include all patent rights, World territory, all tools (hi-quality production molds), and any available related information to make the transaction as turnkey as possible.

We know there’s a lot to be said and if you think you have the capacity to take it from here, do contact either the inventor, or her agent per below.

Diane Julian
Mike M. Gauthier
Deviat –Product Development Services
355 Goodwill Drive, Box 400
Garson, ON, P3L 1S7

Tel: 1-705-693-0300
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