Candy-Drop Cup

The Candy-Drop Cup is a patent pending drinking cup that holds candy in a cover above the lid and candy is dispensed from the lid in a novel and exciting way.

candy-drop cup diagram

The cup is comprised of a clear outer cup, an inner cup with an inclined spiral path sculpted onto its outside surface, a lid, and a cover that holds the candy. When the latch is moved on the side of the lid, a piece of candy will roll down and around the inclined spiral path located between the inner and outer cups until it reaches the bottom dispensing slot where it can be grabbed and eaten.

candy cup how it works

The movement of the candy between the clear outer cup and the inner cup can be clearly observed by the user and the effect is similar to a more familiar giant spiral gumball machine. The inner cup holds a beverage that can be withdrawn by a straw that extends through the lid and cover, so the candy and beverage in the inner cup never make contact. Locating the inclined spiral path& amp between the two cups provides insulation to keep the beverage in the inner cup cold. More candy can be added to the cover as needed. Several different types of candy with different diameters can be used in the Candy-Drop Cup, but candy approximately one-quarter inch in diameter is preferred for use in the cups as shown in the drawings. Easy disassembly of the cup allows the individual components to be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Other versions of the candy cup

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