The "CENTIPEDE", Guide for Escorting Children

Children using the centipede with an adult

Day care providers are often located in metropolitan areas where there is car traffic. The Centipede is intended to help educators walk children in an orderly manner.


Each child is secured to an artificial hand with a velcro strap.

It's a colorful tethering device that will be fun for kids and highly visible and recognizable by motorists.

Securing each child will prevent them from wandering away from the group - possibly into the street - because another child released his hand or the child simply let go.

Modulatr design allows parts to be mixed and matched as neededOther devices don't secure the child and may allow for entanglement. The Centipede's gentle grip keeps kids safely in hand and it's modular design is completely tangle free. Modular design allows parts to be mixed and matched as needed.

The “Centipede” can be extended as long as needed, can be alternated from left to right side, and each section and hand is completed detachable!


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