Commercial Free TV

Adem TV Box

Introducing the Commercial Free-TV!

The Commercial Free-TV features a MPEG programming for decoding broadcast signals and identifying commercial advertisements. When advertisement-coding signals are received, the Commercial Free-TV switches reception to a DVD player or videocassette player. And when the desired broadcast returns, the Commercial Free-TV resumes reception of its signal and display. No sales pitches. No aggravation. No interruption in entertainment. Just a brief reception of other desired images, instead, and without having to record, rewind and watch programming some other time, which is currently the only other alternative.

The “Commercial Free - TV” can be simply connected to a receiver by cable connecting to the appropriate port. A cable may also be attached to a digital video disc (DVD) player or Video Home System (VHS) tape player, and an additional cable can then be attached from this to a television.

When users do not wish to receive advertising messages, then can turn the “Commercial Free – TV” on, as well the DVD or VHS player to which it is connected. When an advertising message received through the receiver is decoded, the “Commercial Free – TV” activates operation of the DVD or VHS player.

Users may then view DVD or VHS tape content until the signal entering through the receiver again alternates, which again activates the internal relay switch, which again activates standard operation of the television after deactivating the DVD or VHS player.

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Attention: On Point Inc., is currently looking for a qualified company to manufacture and distribute the Commercial Free Television under a licensing agreement.

For more information please contact:

Name: Andre L. Martin – President
Address: 3982 Chinchilla, Las Vegas, NV 89121
Phone: 702 – 358-5324