Computer Assisted Danger Alarm with Emergency Braking System

The primary objective of this invention is to save lives by preventing or reducing fatal vehicle accident.

Inventor Serville Waterman has designed an alarm system that is reliable, versatile and alerts motorists when their vehicle is in an unsafe condition.

A Computer Assisted Early Warning and Emergency Braking System for a vehicle in which a computer system responds to abnormal tire and/or road sensor data by generating a signal which activates the horn, thereby alerting the driver that the vehicle is in an unsafe condition.

The computer may commence rapid braking in order to avoid a dangerous situation if appropriate driver corrections do not occur in a timely fashion.

This invention provides an increased margin of safety, particularly when the vehicle is traveling at higher speeds.

This invention can also alert others when a driver is not responding with appropriate corrective action, such as might be the case during sickness, slumping over the wheel due to a heart attack, being asleep at the wheel, etc.

In the case of a false alarm, the driver can inactivate the system by manual activation of the vehicle horn. In the case of a non-responsive driver, the option for the activation of an emergency locator system can be included.

Figure 1, is and example embodiment for a four wheeled vehicle has a sensor mounted above each tire (1) to determine the distance between the tires (2) and the vehicle (3) and another sensor in front of or behind each wheel to monitor the road (4). Hence a minimum of two sensors is associated with each tire: one to monitor tire to vehicle distance and the other to monitor road condition including road to vehicle distance. The computer system (5) constantly receiving and evaluating the data from the sensors is mounted under the passenger compartment (6). The computer (5) can activate the automotive horn (7) located on the steering wheel (8). The computer (5) can also activate the automatic braking system (ABS) (not shown) and, optionally, hazard light flashers (9). Preferred sensors for use are laser sensors such as laser radar sensors.

Figure 1

The design used is simple and uncomplicated, enabling it to be easily produced from a variety of appropriate materials at an affordable and competitive price.

Marketing will be easy, as it can be sold as original equipment in new vehicles or can be retrofitted to any type of vehicle that is available on the market today.

In addition it can be attractively offered in trade and industry catalogues, appropriate magazines, on home shopping networks and over the internet.

It is a novel innovation that opens up a new highly profitable product line with unlimited national and international marketing opportunities.

COMPUTER ASSISTED DANGER ALARM WITH EMERGENCY BREAKING SYSTEM has been awarded a much-deserved United States Patent for its unique and exceptional design (US Patent # 7,061,374).

This Product is now ready for immediate introduction to a vast and waiting market.

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