New Innovative device to lock receptacle outlets and switches or any electrical items.

electrolock front view

Many accidents that injure or kill more than 2.5 million children in the United States each year could be prevented if adults took time to safeguard their homes.

Electrolock was designed to cover two problem issues. First and foremost locking up your receptacle outlets and switch plates on the walls, this has been an on going problem for parents trying to find the right application to protect their children from electrical shock or death.

With the Electrolock we have taken it one step further by protecting and securing the outlet receptacle, this is a true locking device many application sold on the market state this fact but there are none that truly lock and secure an electrical outlet and switch cable or phone box.

With this one of kind Electrolock locking outlet cover with its time tested patented locking mechanism is just what we have accomplished, in one simple step remove your existing cover and replace it with the Electrolock cover, its just that simple.

Be in control protect your children of all ages, protect your children from predatory stalkers when unsupervised on the Internet, or you children getting hurt or seriously injured by putting objects in the electrical outlet receptacle. Lock all receptacle and switches and plugs for their own safety.

electrolock side view

Now when parent's are off to work and kids are unattended you can be assured that your kids are not using your power tools or surfing the web or playing on their favorite video game when not allowed.

Also with the high cost of electricity you can protect and secure all your outside outlets preventing unwanted individuals from borrowing your electricity at the home or office. Its time to do something about it, now you can control the usage with this one of a kind multi receptacle plug locking device.

The Electrolock also locks up phone lines preventing long distance phone calls being placed from home phones or at the office, lock up cable box's and light switches as well. With the Electrolock patented locking mechanism we have developed the single and multi lock plug lock for single and grounded plugs with this application you can lock up from one plug to three.

Individual plug locks

This one piece combination multi plug lock with no part or keys to fumble for or loose, you can protect your family in one easy application. With this new Innovation the electrolock locking up your receptacles outlets and switches or any electrical items has never been easier.

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