Fabric Lotion applicator

A functional, fashionable, easy-to-use fabric applicator for washing and/or applying lotion (including suntan, body, or other ointments) to one's back or other difficult to reach areas of the body.

Excellent for women, men, expectant mothers, athletes (particularly swimmers), elderly or those who are physically-challenged with limited dexterity. US Patent # 6,786,666

Fig 1


The fabric lotion applicator includes a generally rectangular main body and two handles attached to first and second ends of the main body. The main body is formed from a single sheet of flexible fabric which is folded into three equally sized layers. The folded body is held in assembly, preferably by a seam which is sewn along the edges of the body. A button is provided on a first surface of the main body and a flexible loop is attached to the first end of the main body. When not in use, the lotion applicator may be easily folded into a compact size and releasably held in that configuration by engagement of the button and the loop member.

Also provided is a pouch for storing the lotion applicator. The pouch has an opening which may be releasably sealed by hook-and-loop fastening material that is affixed to the top edges of the pouch. A lotion bottle and a strap for securing the lotion bottle within the pouch are also included.

lotion applicator pouch

fig. 6

FIG. 6 is a perspective view of the fabric lotion applicator when the fabric lotion applicator is in a folded configuration.

fabric applicator

fig. 7

FIG. 7 is a fragmented view of the carrying pouch-according to present invention with the fabric lotion applicator and lotion bottle in the pouch cavity.

The product called the Back Valet, can be found on: www.thebackvalet.com.

For the ultimate convenience, the Back Valet can be machine washed and dried.  Also, the product can be conveniently folded, buttoned, and stored in the travel case included with the product.  Included is a travel-size lotion bottle for the consumer's use of their own ointment. 

Instructions on how to use:

Unbutton and unroll the Back Valet;

Pour lotion in the middle of the applicator;

Grab the material or handles (whichever provides the best fit) on each end;

Move the applicator from side to side and/or up and down.

To dry, after use, hang the Back Valet from a knob, handle, or over the shower.

The applicator (folded and buttoned) and lotion bottle fit inside the travel pouch for convenient storage and use anywhere.

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