Flag Rack Display System

Flag rack spread

The Flag Rack displays as many as ten flags. It is ideal for those who have seasonal flags.

flag rack with flags

The idea (patent pending) was born when the inventor was looking for something to hold and organize his flags, but could not find such an item on the market. 
The product could have many variations: Hanging rods can be manufactured to be used as the outside flag pole......size of the rack can be enlarged to hold more or less numbers of flags...
A distributor is already ready to sell the Flag Rack as soon as a manufacturer or licensee is getting involved.
The Flag Rack is simple and inexpensive to produce, and there's a big demand for it.

The Flag Rack can be attached to a wall, or enclosed in a decorative cover or container. The Flag Rack can be made of wood, chrome, brass and/or unbreakable plastic or vinyl.

>flag racks with flags open

The hangar rods swivel for easy access and are removable for shipping and to add additional flags into the rack.

diagram of flag rack

For inquiries about licensing, sale, manufacturing my idea please contact:

Inventor:  Peter Edelman
E-mail:  ppe100@aol.com