Knotless latex balloon

Latex balloon with build in valve.

valve closeupballoon

This worldwide patent (patent pending since May 2007) is very unique.

The patent contains new innovative valves that are included during the manufacturing process.
The production methods allow using the valves in the new production process or also during the production of the present conventional latex balloons.

There are presently more than 2 milliard pieces in production (worldwide) of the conventional latex balloons.
Our investigation found that more than 90% of potential buyers we interviewed will be willing to pay few cents more for this new knotless balloon.

This knotless balloon has many advantages:

It is refillable
The lifetime of the balloon is much longer (the structure of the latex balloon does not get damaged by the traditional knotting process).
Kids will find it much easier to play with, due to the fact that it does not need any knotting.

kid w/ balloon

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