A unique Safety product that will safely contain the material load during transport.

Load Helper product strap

Angel V. Rivera took a load off his mind by designing a product to keep a load off the road. His Corona-based business has a simple safety mission: reducing road debris. His invention, the Load-Helper LLC, is basically a bag that fits over the end of a bundle of lumber, pipes or other cargo on a truck bed or rack. The durable nylon bag is secured by pulling tie-down straps through the bag's loops. Once secured by Load-Helper, individual pieces of lumber or pipes can't slide out of the bundle and on to the road.

Before Loadhelper After

The Construction and Contractor Industries spend millions of dollars a year on tie downs. There are various types of tie downs, including straps, buckles, ratchets and many more. All of these products tighten a load, but what if your load becomes loose and materials start slipping out? Load-Helper LLC has created a cargo enclosure to capture these materials falling onto the highways. Load-Helper™ easily installs at the front or end of loads. Industries using pipes, lumber, rebar and such materials will save valuable time tying down their loads and time driving, as they will not need to stop and check their load numerous times.

Load helper on trailer

For more inquiries about licensing, purchasing the manufacturing rights or the patent, please contact:

Inventor: Angel Rivera
Web: www.load-helper.com
Phone: 1-909-499-3084
Email: info@load-helper.com