Multipurpose, reconfigurable message board

U.S Patent # 6,688,027. Message board for use within a disabled motor vehicle or in other useful environments and applications.

A reconfigurable, multipurpose sign for automotive use for attracting help or informing responding aid personnel of the exact nature of the emergency, the whereabouts of the vehicle occupants, the specific nature of the help needed, etc.

Message Board used in car waiting for help

Typically, no two roadside emergencies are exactly the same. Even for similar, common emergencies or conditions, such as running out of fuel, the course of action taken by the driver and/or vehicle occupants may differ widely depending on the location of the emergency, the time of day or night, the weather, etc. Consequently, while various message systems have been proposed, they all lack the flexibility to respond accurately to a wide variety of unique roadside situations.

examples of message board

The present invention features a selectively reversibly message board for use in a motor vehicle. A first face of the message board is adapted to receive one or more message cards. These message cards may be either preprinted containing commonly needed messages such as "OUT OF GAS", "FLAT TIRE", etc. In addition, an erasable marker may be used to write a short message on a blank message card which may be displayed alone or in combination with one or more preprinted cards. The message board may be reversed and the second face is adapted to receive a longer, hand written message. Reversible suction cups are retained in keyhole shaped openings so as to minimize damage to the suction cup tabs when they are reversed. A reversible flashing strobe type signal lamp is mountable on either face of the message board and serves to call attention to the message board and the stopped vehicle. The inventive message board is provided in a kit contained in a reclosable bag. The compact size of the kit facilitates storage of the kit within the passenger compartment in the glove box, under a seat, etc. Storage inside the passenger compartments allows configuration and deployment of the message board without need for any vehicle occupant to leave the vehicle. This is particularly desirable in inclement weather, in a dangerous neighborhood, or along a dangerous road such as a road having very narrow shoulders.

Use for message board on a store window
Generally speaking this invention relates to a message board for use within a disabled motor vehicle. Although a disabled motor vehicle has been chosen for purposes of disclosure, it will be recognized that the inventive message board system will be useful in other environments and applications. The invention is not, therefore, considered limited to use in a motor vehicle.
Store owner could also use it for…:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a first face of the reversible message board of the invention:

Figure of Patent for Message Board

FIG. 2 is a perspective view of an opposite face of the message board of FIG. 1.

Figure of Patent for Message Board

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