Polar Band-it ™

Combination cold weather face mask and neck up for all outdoors cold weather occasions.

Convenient, comfortable and stylish cold weather face protection.
Easily fastens in back, so no more "hair muss".

The Polar Brand-it(TM) is a patented and trademarked inclement weather head garment that provides versatility, comfort, and fashion, while providing cold weather facial and neck protection.

With its convenient and uniquely designed patented E-Z On E-Z Off rear attachment, it virtually eliminates hair muss. A much improved and preferred head garment, replacing the not so user friendly conventional ski masks, balaclavas, etc.

Great for skiers, hikers, bikers, joggers and for seasonable outdoor work.

The Polar Band-it (TM) Pat.No.7,096,511.

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Name: Michael Cohen
Phone: 845-247-3627
Email: info@polarband-it.com