Rainbow Light

The light was intended for a night light for a child’s bedroom but has other possibilities:

  • Education – Science, light refraction
  • Therapeutic – Color therapy
  • Party Light – College dorm rooms, etc.
3d images of raibow light

The Rainbow Light patent had been licensed by Salton, Inc. that has expired. The Rainbow Light was manufactured and sold in limited quantities, mostly over the Internet.

The sale of the product was discontinued about one year ago when the first product run was exhausted. The molds are currently with the manufacturer and the light could be placed on the market with little effort and time.

With proper marketing and maybe some design modifications this patent could become a real winner. Patent owner would assist and advise on additional product development.

For further information about purchasing the patent along with the ability to have this UL approved product immediately available for marketing from the manufacturer please contact:

Name: Glenn Ebersole
Email: ebersolg@msn.com
Phone: 717-938-2317