Skyaak - A fascinating New Kind of Glider

How It Works

SKYAAK is a new kind of glider. Two conical surfaces on either side of a plastic pole. Something you toss around to your buddies for fun. Incredibly cool. The conical surfaces act as wings and provide interesting aerodynamic properties to the thing as a whole. It's sort of like a pole shaped frisbee.

SKYAAK is fun to fly, but challenging to master. A unique, intriguing and unusual new flying toy, SKYAAK features very rugged, space-age materials. Ingenious tab and slot glue-free assembly. SKYAAK is designed to be hand-launched and caught in mid-air for hours of healthy physical activity. Skyaak is about 28" in length with wing diameters of 5" tapering to 7”.

Skyaak in Action

The Future ?

For more inquire about licensing or purchasing the manufacturing rights - Please contact:

Name: Michael R. Gaudet
President, Skyaak Enterprises
P.O. Box 94, RR1, Watrous, SK. S0K 4T0
Phone: (306) 946-3676