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Speed Bandage ™

A breakthrough in Bandage Technology and Easy FirstAid

Break Through in Bandage Technology Fast and Easy First Aid This New Patented Technology Provides the following:

Sterilility guaranteed unless individual bandage is pulled from roll and not applied immediately

Sterillity guarenteed unless individual bandage is pull from roll and not applied immediately.

Instructions for use:

  1. Remove cover by pressing at bumps. Spool will pop out.
  2. Remove first bandage by pulling paper tabwhile the thumb of your other hand is pressed on the portion of the next tab just below the next perforation
  3. Pull bandage up from the spool and snap off when it reaches the perforation just below your thumb.
  4. The bandage is now ready to use. Pull paper tab off as you close the bandage over the wound.

U.S. Patent #5782786. Available for Royalty or Outright sale.

Prototypes are available for manufacturing companies that are sincerely interested in manufacturing and selling the above bandage dispenser.
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