Stand-A-Cover ®

U.S. Patent #6726049 . This unique dish will revolutionize the Food Service Industry by solving the problem of what to do with the cover of the pot or dish while cooking or serving food.

The Cover Stands in the End of the Dish". Great for Barbecues, Picnics, Cookouts, Camping, Tailgating. Made of durable food grade plastic, microwavable and dishwasher safe.

When you remove the cover you simply stand the lid upright in either end of the dish. Any moisture that accumulates will drain back into the dish. SAVES ROOM AND NEVER LOSE YOUR LID!

Here are few of the many ways one can use the Stand-A-Cover:

A beautiful Food dish ready for barbecuingIt fits into either end of the traycover stands on either end of the dishcover is always handyMay be used to serve fruit.  I deal for display

Recreational vehicle travelers and camping enthusiasts would enjoy this novel idea in many sizes. During cookouts or barbecuing the standing lid is always readily available to be placed back onto the base, as when wind or insects threaten the integrity of the food. During cooking moisture that accumulates on the lid will drain back into the pot when the lid is stood for stirring or serving. Buffet and catering setups have an inconsistent flow of patrons serving themselves. Therefore, being able to remove or replace the lid to or from the stand allows the food to remain fresh. In the medical field, numerous items are kept in sterilized containers. Once the cover is placed on a counter it must be re-sterilized. This "Stand-A-Cover® " concept could be used in unlimited applications and made from several materials.

stand a cover with different uses storing hamburgers, baked beans and vegetablesclosed covers stand a cover on the grill

Inventor: Richard Brothers
Phone: (702) 277-5165 or (702) 432-5833