Super 4 Square

The SUPER4SQUARE is an extremely handy sliding ruler-rafter-angle-layout-tradesman's tool. Super 4 Square

The SUPER4SQUARE is many different tools in one that saves time and money.

A speed/rafter square with a built in sliding ruler. This makes the tool much more useable with many advantages over a standard speed (tm) square. The ruler has a locking thumb screw so the ruler can be used to scribe any solid surface up to 12 inches. Different manufacturing techniques can be used to simplify manufacturing and lower costs.

super4square is available in many colors

Some of its many advantages over standard triangle squares of the same size are:

  • A longer marking edge, the ability to scribe parallel lines up to 12" Able to check interior "and exterior" corners for square
  • Helpful for framing layout with its 1 1/2" to 5 1/2" inside ruler.
  • Makes a good straight edge for cutting with your favorite power saw .
Different uses for the Super 4 Square

Two additional features can be added to make this product even more useful:
A level bubble and holes in the ruler to layout circles:

Layout circles with super4square

Super4square ™ is a trademark and Super Square is pending trademark.
The US patent was allowed. A worldwide PCT application was filed.

For more information about licensing, manufacturing rights or purchasing the patent, please contact:

Name: George Marshall
Phone: 707-586-1020