A programmable device, mounted to the exterior of an automobile - that is used to display digital still or video images.

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Millions of automobiles are used every day in this country. Whether commuting to work, driving to the store or on a trip, people spend an average of twelve hours a week in their automobile.

A portion of individuals who own automobiles choose to invest a certain amount of their disposable income in personalizing their automobiles. From custom wheels and lights to entertainment systems, investment in personalizing their automobile is a market that has seen significant growth in the last several years.

While there are numerous LCD type displays available for entertainment systems inside vehicles that are used for everything from navigating the internet to controlling a stereo system, there is currently no device that allows an automobile owner to display a digital image on the exterior of their automobile for communication or entertainment purposes.

Accordingly, there is a need for an externally mounted digital display device for automobiles that is programmable to facilitate the transmission of customized displays that are inputted by the user to be utilized for marketing and other select purposes.

It is the object of the present invention to provide a programmable device that is mounted to the exterior of an automobile that is used to display digital still or video images.

Invention will provide a liquid crystal display monitor that is used to display images or videos in order to enhance the exterior of an individual's automobile. The display monitor is waterproof and shatter resistant and will be secured to the front bumper of automobile and is approximately the size of a license tag.

The controller is disposed within the passenger compartment of the vehicle. The controller interfaces with the monitor and includes removable memory for storing the data image files to be displayed on the monitor.

Here is the opportunity to be the new owner of an invention with $Billion$ dollar potential...an automobile accessory that everyone will want.

International Patent Pending Status...US Utility Patent filed: Digital Display Device for Automobiles...TAGAVISION Display your personal images, digitally on the front bumper of your automobile. A digital tag will be attached to your front bumper to display the images that are being loaded via a control box that is inside the automobile. The images transfer from a memory card that you down loaded with images from your digital camera.

You could display wedding or graduation photos, display before and after pictures of your latest project, pictures of children or grandchildren or even advertise your business. Safety features could be added to flash HELP or 911. The possibilities are endless.

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