Method of Teaching Arithmetic

A Method of Teaching Arithmetic in a novelty portable calculating device (usable in software version, CD-ROM, e-learning and print form) having a user interface for displaying method steps on a (larger than usual calculator) screen.

The method involves displaying numbers along with two or more collections of individual animated icons (i.e. insects) associated with two or more operands. Selecting an arithmetical operation for two or more operands;

multiplication level 4

Regrouping the individual animated icons in order to correspond with the number and method of teaching the selected operation;

multiplication level

Displaying the collection of individual animated icons associated with the answer in sets of maximum of ten icons each;

multiplication level

The method permits visual regrouping of icons with numbers and sound effects, for teaching and learning mental computation of the four basic arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to children of 5 - 8
years old.

My invention teaches through playful animation of the icons along with numbers. This built in method also teaches the steps of regrouping and carry over.
The main animated character is part of the invention. His role is to focus the user’s attention to the fundamental and logical steps of the built in method and to entertain the user. The order of steps is essential for learning the fundamentals of accurate mental computation.

The calculating device provides visual, aural and tactile stimuli for the user and can be switched to a regular calculator.

Patent Pending status: US, EU, CA.

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