Tuba Babies

Tuba Babies
Tuba Babies provides support when holding and/or feeding a baby.

The animal cushion includes sleeve to allow the user to attach the cushion to his/her arm. Can be used for breast feeding too!

Tuba Babies animals grow with the child and can be used beyond the infant years as a child’s favorite plush toy.

plush toy

Four different fuzzy friends for you and your child to love!

cow, bear, lion, and sheep

“With two new grandbabies (born on the same day) and a toddler, my arms constantly ached from holding children. I was using throw pillows to support my arm while feeding, but when I needed to get up to answer the door, phone, or to chase after the toddler, the pillows would fall to the floor. When I sat down to feed again, I would have to find, then adjust the pillows to fit my needs, as the baby cried in my arms. I knew there was a better way. I needed a cushion or support that could be attached to my arm and moved with me, whether sitting in a rocking chair, dining room table, or in bed. From there, Tuba Babies (Tuba – because of it’s tubular shape) plush toy animals, were born” ~ Rosalind Woods

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