The Unigrip Window Suspension System

The Unigrip System is a unique method and extremely efficient process of securing the glass to canvas. The Unigrip System is the ONLY patented window suspension system that attaches glass to canvas without glue, rivets or metal frames. The glass can be removed and replaced with in two minutes. The Unigrip System is licensed exclusively for the Marine industry to Ameritex Technologies for the next 6 years. There are five more industries that The Unigrip System can be licensed to, Construction & agriculture, gulf cart security cart and hunting vehicles, Automotive , The Military, and tents & patio covers. There is an endless list of things that The Unigrip System can be utilized for. Patent numbers: 6,338,223, 6,546,988, 6,810,937 and 7,011,356 & a fifth patent, that has been approved, but not issued yet.


  • Tempered safety Glass in Canvas Enclosure.
  • Extended Enclosure Life
  • Clear Vision
  • Convenient Storage
  • No More Blurry Vision
  • No more Yellow Windows
  • No more Scratched Windows

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a vehicle having a soft convertible top employing a window suspension in accordance with the present invention; and FIG. 2 is a side elevation view of a soft side portion employing a window suspension in accordance with the invention;

Fig 1 Fig 2

FIG. 4A is a cross-section view of a window suspension in accordance with the invention; and FIG. 4B is a detailed view of the cross section of the window grip portion of the window suspension;

Fig 4a Fig 4b

1981 jeep having the Unigrip windows:


56' Silverton Yacht that has the Unigrip windows in the front. They are tempered safety glass:


Ameritex Technologies Introduces The Unigrip System Exclusively for the Marine Industry at the IBEX 2007 show in Miami FL.:


For more information about licensing this patent please contact:

Name: James R. Stahl
Phone: 714-797-1073