Walkway Systems

The answer to your perfect walkway or patio!

Walk way Lit with LED Lights
  • Attractive appearance, ease of installation, visibility and safety
  •  Can be set on timer, dimmer, weight activated, or motion sensor in addition to a simple manual on/off switch
  • Can be used for walkways or create a dynamic patio
Walkway Melting snow
  • Heated! Requires less shoveling because heat melts the ice and snow
  • Low Voltage
  • Interlocking Stones
  • Lighted! LED Lighting! Increases safety while shoveling or walking at night; path is lighted so users are less likely to trip or fall
Walkway with white stone
  • Can be made into any shape or size
  • Changeable tops (i.e. look like flagstone, brick)
  • Can change color of lighting
  • Can change the color of the tops to coincide with the holidays - try red and green for Christmas!
lit walkway matching christmas lights

Top view:

Top view of walk way

Side view "stone" on top of the ground-installed. The "stones" are buried/set in the ground

side view of walkway stone

Walkway made from new and recycled plastic; consists of patio slabs fabricated into molded boxes, lights and plugs
U.S Patent - US 6715956B1
Canadian patent pending

Inventor is currently looking for interested companies or manufacturers to buy or license the patent.
For more information please contact:

Name: Robert Weber
Site: http://www.walkwaysystems.com
Email: weberwalkways@yahoo.ca