"Investing in Property ™"

Investing in Property

Contact Information

Name: Rhonda Madden
Phone: 1300 662 768
Fax: 1300 369 268
Fax: 617 3285 3881
Mobile: 61 418 844 499
email: rhonda@investinginproperty.com.au
web: www.investinginproperty.com.au
skype: converse88

Trademark Description:

Two domain names that are registered trademarks for sell.
Trademark: Investing in Property ™

  1. This domain is in United Kingdom: www.investinginproperty.co.uk
  2. This domain is in New Zealand: www.investinginproperty.com.co.nz

Owner is using the registered trademark with the same domain name in Australia for a real estate business: www.investinginproperty.com.au
Owner would like to sell these two registered trademarks with the domain names so the purchaser can potentially sell the licence or franchise them through the relevant country.