"Twin Towers ™"


Contact Information:

Andre Halvorsen
P.O. Box 174
Malmesbury , South Africa 7299
Email: andres@cornergate.com
Phone: 027 224871117

Trademark Description:

Twin Towers is registered in the USPTO under Class 33 for Alcoholic beverages namely Wines Cognac Brandy whiskies etc. The Trade Mark was initiated to assist communities through out the World with funds through the sales of Twin Towers Alcohol beverages. A Percentage of profit from every item will and can be held in a trust to be distributed in times of disaster.

The one Trademark that could change the lives of thousands of people by taking a luxury and to redistribute funding to Communities in need for financial assistance due to terrorist attacks Tsunami's Hunger Aids Victims etc. Should you go dining and you have a option of good wines, the one being Twin Towers Merlot you would order the Twin Towers brand because you would know that by using it you would donate at the same time.