Word Isolating Educational Tool

word isolating tool animationThis is an innovative tool that will assist many of all ages, especially our youth. It will assist teachers in the school systems, and provide an aid for many while performing the reading process.

The tool isolates syllables of a word so that they can be sounded out, making the pronunciation of the word easier.

A tool that many Libraries, Immigration Department and many other institutions will find to be very useful for many years.

The product is placed over a word, with the slide panel in the closed position. The slide is then opened enough only to expose that first syllable of the word. This syllable can now be sounded out before moving to the next syllable of that word. This process is continued until the entire word has been sounded out, and pronounced. This will help the reader have a better understanding of a correctly pronounced word, and help build confidence by the user.

Word Isolating tool diagram Its original size is 2 inches wide, 3 inches long, with the thickness of a sheet of over head plastic (.01 gauge thickness). The product can be constructed in many sizes, depending on its uses. For best results a non-transparent material should be used to construct the product.

The Word Isolating Educational Tool has several advantages that make it stand out from other products that may have the same concept:

Potential Markets:

Consumers, schools, retail stores, bookstores, educational supply stores and more…

United States Patent Appication Publication


Patent Application Page 2 figure of word isolating tool

This product is filed under US Patent #7,056,122. This product is available for licensing.

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