Exercise Equipment

SkateTrak - Inline Skating cross-trainer

An in-line roller skate exercise device. US Patent 6,368,253.

Name: Matthew Harrigan
Email: trebads@nyc.rr.com
Phone: 917 373 5253

Attachable Holder for Exercise Devices

An attachable holder for exercise devices for allowing various accessories to be attached to a piece of exercise equipment.

Name: Terry Harris
Phone: 661-943-1739
Email: paterra1@verizon.net

The Stretch Loop ™

U.S Patent # 6,705,974 : A stretching device for stretching and strengthening the muscles of the lower back and legs of the user.

Inventor: Mario Tardif
Phone: 954-718-9392 Toll Free: 1-866- Leg Loop (534-5667)
Email: mtcreats@bellsouth.net


This product teaches you to fight freely without getting hurt. Keep your glove up and try to land two, three, or even four clean punches without hitting the “Boxing Box.”

Name: Anthony DeCologero
Phone: 978-771-0882
Email: newphaseshipping@msn.com

Automatic Transmission for Bicycles

A bicycle CVT offers the cyclist the same advantage as a car automatic transmission (No manual gear shifting required).

Name: William Stuhler
Email: pactec@verizon.net

The Body Bands Exercise device

Weight loss fitness product duo.

Name: Jack Basting
Phone: 651-428-6123
Email: blasterpack@charter.net


Multifunctional fitness unit.