Office Products

Memor-Ease Storage Box

Never before has one product offered such a variety of transportable, organized, secure, multiple-sized and classified segments for storing pictures, annual tax returns, legal briefs, mementos and important documents.
Name: Maribeth Colloton
Phone: 408-778-6833

Multi-panel Reconfiurable Dry Erase Board

A system of dry erase panels that slide on two horizontal rails mounted to a wall or portable stand. Broad application in many fields such as manufacturing, health care, schools, colleges, churches etc. Possible uses include: scheduled maintenance tracking, scheduling employees, product management, event planning, worship service planning, etc.

Name: Kevin L. Haglund
Phone: 678-362-2450

Bag Holder

NEW EXCITING INNOVATION to collect incidental garbage from almost any location.

Name: Harvey Trudeau
Phone:  705-865-2751

4-Way Adjustable Leveling & Locking Picture Hanger

Hanger allows Horizontal and vertical adjustment. Locks picture wire into the hook for safety from falling. Adjustments made from below and the side (no stepladder needed).

Auto-retractable pen mechanism with a cushion effect

Patent # 6 830 402 A 3-in-1 Auto-Retractable Ballpoint Pen with an Ergonomic Cushion that Leonardo da Vinci would have loved to wear!


Portable Storage Rack for Caulks, adhesives, sealant and other cylindrical articles.

Name: T. Ewing
Phone: 800-838-1526