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The Q-V (Quick View) valve consists of a permanent irremovable dust cap, a built-in tire pressure gauge (with numbers, lines and indicator) viewed through a transparent window located in the center of the valve.

Name:  Billy Cousineau 
Phone:  705-566-2612 

Vehicle Seat with Shock Absorption

Vehicle seat construction with a rear impact energy absorbing damping system along with a fully adjustable fitted, contoured seat back.

Name: Benjamin Turman
Phone: 619-829-6820

Retract A Canopy

A remote control canopy for a pickup trucks which utilizes an electric motor to open and close.

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Tel: +27 11 822 8014/5
Fax: +27 11 822 8016

Vehicle solar radiation shield.

Solar radiation shield for vehicles, boats and etc. Patent No 5,683,134

Name: Rodolfo Espinosa
Address: 520 S.Lafayette Prk.Pl.#226, Los Angeles, California 90057
Phone: 213 427-9671

Single-wheel hydraulic jack

A single-wheel jack that has a wheel tray that is inclinable in two directions, to facilitate the entry of a wheel therein when the jack is in a collapsed mode, and to positively retain a vehicle wheel when the jack is in a raised mode.

Name: Roger Gionet
Phone: 506 433 5342


A unique Safety product that will safely contain the material load during transport.

Inventor: Angel Rivera
Phone: 1-909-499-3084

Ignition Key Caddy

Key and alarm remote stabilizing device. Prevents keys and auto remote control devices from banging against a steering column when a key is in the ignition.

Name: Earnest Willis
Phone: 323-291-4188


A programmable device, mounted to the exterior of an automobile - that is used to display digital still or video images.

Name: Anna
Phone: 706-695-0259

The Unigrip Windows

The Unigrip System is a unique method and extremely efficient process of securing the glass to canvas.

Name: James R. Stahl
Phone: 714-797-1073

Antenna Mount

Antenna Mount for Air Drag Reduction Equipment for Motor Vehicle.

Name: Bill Jensen
Phone: 203-888-4819


This item relates to an ATV tire bead break designed to ease the difficult task of releasing rubber from ATV wheels.

Name: Rudy and Nancy Cahill
Tel: 705-752-5040

Bag Holder

NEW EXCITING INNOVATION to collect incidental garbage from almost any location.

Name: Harvey Trudeau
Phone:  705-865-2751

Wheeled Washing Caddy

Portable washing caddy that can be used for the cleaning of Boats, Bikes, Cars, Campers and even in the House.

Name: Keith Bergeron
Phone: 985-868-1924


Smart Booster Cable/Battery

This recent innovation is an indicator light that can be used on booster cables as well as with an automotive battery.

Name: Juan Huerta
Phone: 956-507-2603


The invention relates to a simple gas kit for use with vehicles such as mopeds and the like.

Name: Mr. Ram Kumar
Phone: 09416499307


A mobile workstation.

Mechanism for converting each stroke of the piston to one complete rotation of the crank wheel

A new type of connecting rod mechanism which includes only mechanical components. This invention results in reducing the heating of the engine, more mileage and more cc or out put power.

Gas or Fluid De-Organizers for Moving Objects

Fins that reduce friction over a moving surface. Fins are placed on a moving object in order to de-organize the fluid or air, passing over the moving object.

Name: Norman Krastel
Phone: 505-836-4134

Retractable Speed Bump

A retractable traffic calming device

Name: Clinton Thompson
Phone: (502) 671-0075

Process and Synthesizer for Molecular Engineering and Synthesis of Materials

Proved in the field in various automobiles and ships as effective on board fuel synthesizer for emission control of diesel, gasoline engines with substantial fuel savings and authenticated by Mitsubishi Motors, Isuzu Motors, Ship companies, diesel power genset users, vehicle owners. Applications in refrigeration, Heat Pumps, material synthesis, Pharmaceuticals new drugs production,gas turbine combustion control,FUEL CELLS and many exciting applications in varied fields.

Name: Gopalakrishnan Srinivasan
Phone: 91-44-24960287
FAX:91-44-24915110 U.S Efax:1-208-247-0452

Invisible mudflaps

Mudflaps that are as clear as glass

Name: Ray Grajczyk
Phone: 419-490-5286

Impact Dispersing Compositions

This product has been tested by the U.S. testing Labs and as for automotive safety engineering. This product has endless things it could be used for, improved impact reducing dash boards and the like....endless

Name: Tim Garrison
Phone: 918-252-9728

Aerosol focusing straw holster

Device for storing aerosol focusing straws

Name: Roger Stern
Phone: 520-624-4369

Compact Sanitary Flushing Urinal

A sanitary, compact urinal system is provided that can be used in confined spaces such as in trucks, boats, planes, and the like. US Patent # 5,551,097

Name: Johnny Short
Phone: 252-522-4323

Impact Dispensing Compositions

US Patent # 5,834,543. The compositions may be used in a variety of ways to absorb and dissipate impact forces.

Name: Tim Garrison
Phone: 918-252-9728

Alarm system for an automobile

A computerized alarm system for an automobile, which is also capable of rendering the vehicle useless to anyone making a forced entry.

Name: Dr. Serville Waterman

Mommy Care" Car Seat

Ergonomic car seat. No more back, hand, leg pain.

Name: Maria Robertson
Phone: 843 338-1848

Collision avoidence system for snowmobile & ATV's

System to detect on coming traffic and obsticles

Name: Richard lemke
Phone: 715-542-4190