Educational Products

Word Isolating Educational Tool

The tool isolates syllables of a word so that they can be sounded out, making the pronunciation of the word easier.
  • Name: Dwight J. Lockett
  • Phone: 314-367-9494
  • Email:

Medal Display System

System that allows medals with neck ribbons to take their place on display modules, alongside trophies and other awards.

Name : Francois Belzile
Phone: (705) 356-7361

Method of Teaching Arithmetic

A Method of Teaching Arithmetic in a novelty portable calculating device.

Name: A. Vanova, MA
Phone: 1-519-472-0448
Fax: 1-519-472-9039

Chair Desk Organizer

Combination school desk/chair incorporates a trash can and pencil sharpener and storage areas for frequently needed supplies.

Name: Louise Crayton
Phone: 201-686-7939

Magnifying Book Holder

Name: Ava Dubie
Phone: 1-907-336-0574