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A fascinating new kind of glider. Two conical surfaces on either side of a plastic pole. Something you toss around to your buddies for fun. Incredibly cool.

Name: Michael R. Gaudet
President, Skyaak Enterprises
P.O. Box 94, RR1, Watrous, SK. S0K 4T0
Phone: (306) 946-3676

Multiple Spatial Chess

New 3 dimensions Chess game

Name: Florin Iacob
Phone: 40 723799935

Knotless latex balloon

Latex balloon with build in valve.

Name: Cor Born
Phone: 0031(0)204824847 (Netherland)s

Euler's Family of Chess.

This is not just a single chess game, it is a family of approximately 300000 chess games by suitable combination of seven elements in a small box. Instead of getting a single chess game, the players get 50000 different chess games to play with.


A Children Toy

Name: Mark Burginger