Children's Products

CENTIPEDE, Guide for Escorting Children.

The Centipede is intended to help educators walk children in an orderly manner. It's a colorful tethering device that will be fun for kids and highly visible and recognizable by motorists.

Name: Jerry Hardy
Address: 588 Nicholson ST NE
Washington, DC 20011
Phone: (202) 832-1090

Adjustably partitioned crib

An adjustably partitioned crib dividing the crib into two separate areas for holding two infants.

Name: Berline and Marc Fertil
Phone: (954)854-7932

The Helper

The Helper would faciliate feeding infants or toddlers from a bottle at home or during travel.

Name: Sonja Lasky
Phone: 757-237-1454

Candy-Drop Cup

A Candy-Drop Cup is a drinking cup that holds candy in a cover above the lid and candy is dispensed from the lid in a novel and exciting way.

Name: Jim Hacsi

Tuba Babies

Tuba Babies provides support when holding and/or feeding a baby.

Name: Rosalind Woods
Phone: 323-930-0588 Cell: 310-801-2110


Bottlelink® provides a means for preventing objects from being dropped or thrown by a person either accidentally or intentionally.

Name: Rene Freeland
Phone: 858-486-2630

Variable Path infant Walker

My invention helps an infant learn to walk, without the dangers of the conventional walker. It's a totally new concept. It can be used in or out of doors, in homes, day care centers, rehab, etc.

Name: Charlene Scates
Phone: (215) 382-1757

Medical Device for Toilet Training Male Toddlers

Doll demonstrates potty training.

Name: Susan Scherman
Phone: 201 863-3210

Baby stroller for more than one infant

Stroller frame utilizes 2 or more infant/toddler

Name: Marshajene Schaaf
Phone: 423-261-2248

Safety Bathtub

Babies Bathtub with a build in thermometer

Name: Ofir Mazar