Hardware & Tools

Electronic Distance Measuring Device

This device can measure the distance between two arbitrary remote points with one press of the button!
Name: Dan

Phone: (516)448-9461
Email: dantab@optonline.net

Brush Guard

Cover designed to have brushes, either flat paint-like brushes or rounded facial brushes enter a flexible molded chamber in which said brush would be free of impurities and the like.

Inventor: Diane Julian
Tel: 1-705-523-4909
Agent: Mike M. Gauthier
Email: info@deviat.com
Tel: 1-705-693-0300


A material holding device using magnetic force of variable strength.

Claude Roy (Inventor) Tel: 1-705-967-2676 Email: ccroy25@sympatico.com
Deviat (Service Agent) Mike Gauthier Tel: 1-705-693-0300 Email: info@deviat.com

Foldable Paint Brush Holder

A foldable cover for paint brushes made of leather. It encases the paint brush to protect it, with an aeration hole to allow for drying after use.

Name: W. Lee Gilman
Phone: 828-898-8673
Email: awshucks@skybest.com

Super 4 Square

A speed/rafter square with a built in sliding ruler. The ruler has a locking thumb screw so the ruler can be used to scribe any solid surface up to 12 inches.

Name: George Marshall
Phone: 707-586-1020
Email: gm@super4square.com

Pipe Sizing and Alignment Device

This tool allows an installer to design a piping topology at 45 degree angles with accuracy by utilizing lasers to pinpoint pipe extension locations.

Name: Emilian Moldovan
Phone: 360-241-3717
Email: emilian@copper.net

Pour'n Brush Paint Delivery System

A paint holder and delivery device comprising a container. A disposable insert fits within the container to facilitate the application of paint with a paintbrush.

Name: Robert Scholl
910 579 8435

Ninety-degree door hinge

A door hinge which stops the swing-open motion of a door before it can strike an adjacent wall located at ninety degrees to the closed door.

Name: Francisco, A. Escobar

Keeep-it ®

Never lose your Lighter again! Lighter holder comes with a split key ring & lanyard clip

Name: Richard Sudborough
Phone: 702-947-0806
Email: richard@keeep-it.com

Universal portable drill jig

Most diverse drill jig design for woodworking and the metal working industry. Excellent for the hobbyist and for commercial usage.

Name: Allen Woodard
Phone: 919-965-0667 or 919-369-2006
Email: abw502@aol.com