Electrical and Lighting

Window Light Housing

Adjustable window frame with equally spaced slots in order to put in and remove desired lights. Great for any holiday.

Name: Edward Guzik
Phone: 773-636-7332
Email: GGOOZ777@sbcglobal.net


New Innovative device to lock receptacle outlets and switches or any electrical items. 

Name: James C Gast
Company: Visionary Concepts
Phone: 850-384-4592
Email: Visionaryconcpt@aol.com

Rainbow Light

The light was intended for a night light for a child’s bedroom but has several other possibilities.

Name: Glenn Ebersole
Email: ebersolg@msn.com
Phone: 717-938-2317

The Load Status Indicator (LSI)

The next generation pilot/indicator light.

Name: George Sotiriou
Phone: 631-732-1378 voice/fax
Email: sotirioug@aol.com

Cable Guide Apparatus

The cable apparatus is a simple device which clamps to a metal tee bar of a hung ceiling. This enables any person pulling wire or cable through that ceiling to do so quickly and easily without the hassle of the wire binding on the metal tee bars.

Name: Angelo DeRaffele
Phone: 914-2350736
Email: aderaff@juno.com

Automated Illuminated Address and Welcome Light

Address lighting insignia and welcome light.

Name: Timothy Wilton
Phone: 410-265-6901
Email: vze2rn42@verizon.net

Electric connecting and distribution modular system.

Our modular system can feed circuit breakers, circuit cut outs, power switches, etc….for feeding elements in single-phase, two phases etc….

Name: Multicubos.com
Email: info@multicubos.com

Unplugged Power

Patent #6593723 uninterrupted electrical power

Name: Hodge D. Johnson III
Phone: 843-586-8367
Email: jhdjiii@bellsouth.net

Illuminated Balloon Apparatus

Dimmable lighting balloon for motion picture light. US Patent #6,238,067B1

Name: Eric Hirsch
Email: aeroliteballoons@yahoo.com