Home & Garden Products

Leaf Crusher

The "Leaf Crusher" is a clean way to crush, reduce leaf bulk, and dispose of garden waste without getting yourself dirty.

Level transition device for portable buildings

Level-transitional device. Also known as yard-barn steps to drive your mower and four-wheeler in and out of your yard-barn/ storage shed.

Name: Bruce D. Watts,
Address: 6911 Palmer Rd., Greens Fork, IN 47345
Tel.: (765) 886-5448
Email: Bruce@BirthdayChocolates.com

Flag Rack Display System

Flag Rack can hold as many as ten flags. It is ideal for those who have seasonal flags.

Inventor:  Peter Edelman
E-mail:  ppe100@aol.com 

Walkway Systems

The answer to your perfect walkway or patio!

Name: Robert Weber
Email: weberwalkways@yahoo.ca

Bag Carrier

Collapsible wheeled flexible bag carrier. Trash, laundry and other bag holder.

Name: Ernest Rodriguez
Phone: 916-690-1195 Email: et-rodriguez@earthlink.net

Table screen

A flexible, collapsible screen for protecting outdoor table tops from bugs and flying insects.

Name: Galloway; Sandra L.
Email: SGAway@aol.com

The Eliminator

Portable trash compactor

Name: John Imperato
Email: imperatojohnf@optonline.net

Compact transportable folding chair

A compact transportable folding chair including a seat portion and a (removable) support tray, coupled with the backrest portion.

Name: William Goodo
Phone: 510-302-8373
Email: sa.cari@hotmail.com

Tip Over Resistant-Debris

Retaining Wood Rack and Fireplace Accessories

Name: David Finneyfrock
Phone: 301-432-2050
E-Mail: dnfmcc22@aol.com

Removable Portable Blind Cover

New Blind mounted onto all shapes of glass. No tools required.

Name: Vincenza Barresi
Phone: 631-617-3023
Email: Vincenza07@msn.com

4-Way Adjustable Leveling & Locking Picture Hanger

Hanger allows Horizontal and vertical adjustment. Locks picture wire into the hook for safety from falling. Adjustments made from below and the side (no stepladder needed).


Hanging System For Wet Bathing Suits
Name: Ralph Miller
Phone: 480-926-2222
Email: joandralph@cox.net

The green thingie

Tomato support

Name: Paul Mason
Phone: 206-824-5566
Email: idonitall@yahoo.com