Medal Display System



Achievements are often left forgotten. Children in sports are at a sensitive age where their level of self-esteem is crucial to proper intellectual development. Sporting achievements are often immortalized by the presentation of medals also referred to as medallions, yet there lacks, in the market place, an attractive, affordable and functional medal display system that addresses the need to properly display medals immediately or soon after the recipient has received the award. The invention makes it much easier to manage and view the achievements in all fields of competitive endeavour. It is common today to find medals hanging from bed post or trophies. The inventor sought to create such a system that allows medals with neck ribbons to take their place on display modules, alongside trophies and other awards. The display system not only attractively displays the medals, it also provides space for labeling, identification, but also stores surplus, undisplayed medals, jewelries or other personal items.

The medal display system requires little surface area per medal capita, is functional and enhances the medal presentation, therefore reflecting the energy and the spirit of the recipient. The rotary tower display may be adapted with lighting implements in an attitude that illuminates the medals.

Brief description:

A display module is referred to as a box. A first display box is inserted on its base. As the medal is suspended on the outside of a display surface, the ribbon is pulled over the ribbon guides in order to insert a ribbon clamp over the two strands of ribbon. Surplus ribbon is placed inside the box cavity, hidden from sight. The procedure is repeated for the other display sides of the box. To space out the medals and expose a longer length of ribbon, one can choose a deployment of ribbon over two or more modules instead of a single unit. Every box is then decorated and assembled one atop another. Four stacked modules will form generally a safe vertical structure, as long as the support has an enlarged base.

Preferential features of the module deployment system :

  1. Customize styles of display : (e.g., condensed, overlapping ...)
  2. Customize designs into variants (e.g., shape and amount of modules used), all using the display system of the invention
  3. Offers ample space to insure quick and efficient handling and attachment of ribbons (user-friendly, contrary to plaques with slits)
  4. Leads the way to futuristic realisations such as the display tower
  5. Permits simultaneous 3-D display of medals and trophies alike
  6. Provides space for event annoncements and for storage of personal items.

Business Opportunities:

A professional market assessment study (US/CAN - June 2006) shows a start up potential market of 40M to 60M Can. Because the style of display is so innovative, creating awareness of the product is a challenge. Professional advertising will be the key to creating awareness and adoption in the path to commercialization. Commercial applications cover all fields of competitive endeavor, particularly in sports at amateur, professional, Olympic and para-Olympic levels world wide. CAD designs of the TOWER and the WALL Display Models are available with the Product Licensing opportunities. Professional advertising services may also be available. More inventions as well as innovative ideas to support the BelzBox system and in the field of display in general are to come in the near future.

For more inquiries about licensing, purchasing the manufacturing rights or the patent, please contact:

Name : Francois Belzile
Phone: (705) 356-7361