Laser Putting - Golf Training Aid/game

US Patent # 6579191

The present invention entails a laser guided golf putting system. A laser is mounted into a golf ball mechanism. The golf ball mechanism is comprised of a golf ball mounted on a shaft and supported by a support ball. When a golfer strikes the golf ball, the ball, securely connected to the shaft, falls forward. When the ball falls forward, the laser mounted in the golf ball mechanism shines forward and indicates on a target where the golf ball is projected to go. The laser is activated when the golf ball mechanism is in the fallen position, and deactivated when the golf ball mechanism is upright and ready for a golfer to strike.

A perspective view of a golfer using an embodiment of the present invention:

Figure 1 Golfer on laster putter in living room

This is the ONLY golf training aid in the WORLD that emits a LASER-DOT from the actual golf ball being putted. This Invention is the most accurate "cause and effect" method in which to determine one's TRUE putting accuracy (accurate to within 2" inch @ 100' Feet  of the actual impact-intention/trajectory). It also Doubles as an "addictive" multi-player competitive GOLF GAME.  There is No Ball Chasing- Simply reset and Putt!  It also utilizes multi-colored targets (as holes) at which to putt the laser (ball). Place the colored targets ANYWHERE in the room/office at different locations and distances.

There are many other features and benefits. A working prototype is availa ble.

FIG. 2 is a side elevational view of the golf ball mechanism in the fallen position and the upright positions:

Fig 2

FIG. 12 is a plan view of an embodiment of the present invention with targets positioned in front of the present invention:

Fig. 12 Us patent diagram laser on card putter set Laser Putting set

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