Wave Arrow

U.S Patent # 7,074,098.

The present invention aims to provide a new Body Board with enhanced maneuverability, speed and comfort having a tapered, upturned nose for maneuvering. The board also features a concave valley extending along the length of the top surface to comfortably and securely accommodate the body of the user. Deep concave channels on the bottom surface will aid to reduce friction with the water and fins aid stability and board maneuverability.
The present invention is easy to maneuver and comfortable for the user. The board is buoyant and light weight. The aquatic body board allows the user to propel the board forward by kicking from behind as well as by paddling. The trailing end of the board is recessed for unrestricted user kicking action. The upper valley of the board is sloped downward toward the rear of the device enhancing positioning for kicking while securing the user's body to the board.

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Inventor’s note:
“The Aquatic Body Board or "Wave Arrow" was conceived because I felt that a hard, aeronautical board with fins for steering and a leash position that can be for your arm or leg was way over due for the serious minded body boarder. Nothing similar is or was on the market. 
The "Wave Arrow" is basically a multi-hull three boards in one device for riding surf. “

For more information about licensing or purchasing the manufacturing rights, please contact (investors are also welcome):

Inventor: Gus Acosta
Web: www.wavearrow.com
Phone: 808-889-0918
Cell: 808-896-1995
E-mail: acosta@hawaiiantel.net